Sunday, August 27, 2017

Week 3

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...
Aug. 28 - Sept. 1

Guest Speaker Jordan Hatter- August 28 at 12:50 in the ES Hall 
CAC is fortunate to have Mr. Jordan Hatter join us to speak to the students:

"Jordan Hattar is a 25 year-old humanitarian and director of originally from Templeton, CA. Jordan graduated from Templeton High School in 2010 and has since dedicated his time and efforts towards living a life of service. In January of 2011, Jordan began college, majoring in International Studies at California State University Long Beach. He received his Master's in International Relations and Politics from the University of Cambridge in 2016."

Parent Day: Thank you for all those parents that were able to meet with their children's teachers and discus what we can to to make this year a successful one for the students. 

Student Leadership Team: The students in grade 5 have an opportunity to be student representatives on the Student Leadership Team.

  • We will have 2 representatives (one male and one female) from each class for the first half of the year (Sept-Dec) and 2 different reps for the second part of the year (Jan-June.)
  • Reminder-students who are House Captains can not apply.
  • Students need to return the APPLICATION form to homeroom teachers by Thursday, September 7th.
  • Students will also need to prepare a 1-2 minute speech to present to their class.
  • A class vote will determine the reps.
  • Application forms are available from your classroom teacher.
Wednesday 6th will be a Sunday Schedule


Students, faculty & staff are invited to draw, paint, sew, or image their self portrait on a banner provided by school. Our self portait banners will be displayed around our division to celebrate each of us and our school community.

We look forward to seeing your creative designs! Please be sure to put your name on your banner and enjoy working on these at home. We ask that the banners are submitted to your class teacher by Tuesday, September 5.

If you have any questions please ask your class teacher.

Best regards
Mrs. Jackson-Jin
Elementary Principal

ASA Tomorrow (Monday) will be the last day for signing up for ASAs. The schedules will be sent out next week.

ES Production The production lists will be posted tomorrow.

MAP Assessing MAP assessments are approaching. The dates for the respective assessments are Monday, Sept 11: Language Usage

Wednesday, Sept 13: Reading
Thursday, Sept 14: Maths

Health Screenings On September 12 grade 5 will have their health screenings.

Curriculum Corner
Reading Workshop:

Students continue to work on agency and independence as they delve into 'just right' books. Classes have discussed reading as thinking and students have begun jotting, looking for connections, making predictions, inferring and summarizing. Reading partnerships are being formed and group discussions have been enthusiastic and intriguing.

Writing Workshop:

Grade 5 students have finished their On-Demand writing prompts and the focus will now move to narrative craft. Classes will discuss how turning points can help generate ideas for personal narratives. Students are learning strategies, generate lists of first times, last times or times when they realized something to launch into their small moment writing.

Math Workshop:

Grade 5 Mathematicians are hard at work solving problems containing decimals multiplied and divided by exponential numbers. Students are making conversions, and writing equations with exponents in multiplication and division problems. Explaining and showing mathematical thinking will keep students challenged as they continue to learn about place value.

Science Inquiry:

Students have begun their scientific journey this year with discussion about the scientific method and habits of good scientists. This week students will make careful observations and come up with questions and hypothesis. The concept of variables, and how they effect outcomes, will help students test their hypothesis and come up with conclusions as we work with pendulums this week.


This week the students will receive the computers that they will be borrowing for the year. If you haven't already parents will be expected to read and sign a form that outlines acceptable use of these computers. The students will not be able to use the computers if this document has not been signed. Please read it and if you have any questions ask the homeroom teachers or the tech integration team.

Helpful Sites:

Two helpful sites for the students are and Mathletics.
Brainpop will be used in conjunction with our current science unit. It can be very helpful in clearing up some student misconceptions about variables and how these affect scientific experiments.
Mathletics is great for supplementing, supporting and extending the students in mathematics.
All the login details can be found on the "Blue Cards" that have been sent home by the classroom teachers.


  • Parents please send back student information letters to homeroom teachers 
  • Please remind students to bring their library bags weekly.
  • Our first House activity will take place this Tuesday during the assembly time. Please wear team shirts or a team colored shirt if you do not have a house shirt yet. Information about new shirts will follow.
  • There will be no school on the 1st and 4th of September due to Ed Al Adha celebrations. Enjoy your long weekend!

Your partners in education,

Mrs. Kasal
Mr. O'Sullivan
Mrs. Greene
Mrs. Johnson

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