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Week 10 Oct 15 - 19

TWiG5This Week iGrade 5

Welcome to Global Math Week! 

This week there will be some fun math activities around school and in class to embrace Mathematics and 
spread the joy of learning Math! 
Ask your child about their Math experiences this week.


GLOBAL MATH WEEK: Learning, Exploring and Having Fun With Math
It’s a global phenomenon happening now, across the entire globe. The joyous uplifting mathematics of Exploding Dots is being enjoyed by one million – YES! One Million! – students and teachers across the entire globe this very week!

  • Tuesday, Oct 17: Global Math Week Parent Workshop 8:30-9:30 AM. 

Tuesday, Oct. 24: No Assembly
Thursday, Oct 26: Halloween Parade at 2:30 PM. Parents are welcome.
Friday, Oct 27: Halloween Carnival from 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM.
Monday, Oct. 30 - Early Release Day (All students dismissed at 11:30 am)
Tuesday, Oct. 31 - House event assembly 7:55 am - 8:25 am. Parents welcome
November 5 - 9: Last week of ASA Session​ ​​1.

From the ES library
21st Century Libraries for Parents: Digital Intelligence
Join us on October 25 for a talk with CAC Information Services Director, Mr. Santha Kumar, We will discuss what it means to be digitally intelligent and how we can promote digital intelligence in our children.

Kenn Nesbitt author visit
Poet and performer Kenn Nesbitt will visit CAC in November. You can read his books in ebook format on Overdrive or via the ES library catalog. You will need to use your CAC SSN as the login. Here is a tutorial on accessing the ebooks via the ES library catalog.  

Halloween Celebrations: On Oct. 26th, Grade 5 will participate in a number of fun Halloween activities. Students can come to school dressed or partially dressed in their Halloween costume, as long as the costume does not interfere with learning. We will have regular classes during the morning. 
       At 10:10, students will be dismissed early from their specialist class and can finish putting on their Halloween costumes. Parents are welcome to come and help if it is needed.        At 10:30, Grade 5 will visit the photo booth. Students will have a pizza lunch during their regular lunch time. After lunch, Grade 5 will have 4 activities set up in each classroom and will rotate around to each one. Thanks to the Room Parents who are helping with materials for the games! The day concludes with the parade at 2:30-parents are welcome to attend. 

Curriculum Corner

Writer's Workshop

This week we've been busy exploring the Poetry Toolboxes - Meaning and Music. This will also bring us into the end of next week. Students are realizing that poetry can be musical without having to rhyme. The three pillars of poetry: emotion, image and music have been inspiring our young poets to craft beautiful poetry. Georgia Heard and Ralph Fletcher continue to be our inspiration.

Students have been invited and are encouraged to take their writing notebooks around with them where ever they go. You never know when an idea may come to you or a story may be created. We want live and breath like writers!

Reader's Workshop

The "Developing Understanding Characters" unit continues this week and students are busy doing important work as readers. Students have been jotting and making inferences based on the actions, words, and feelings of characters. We have been looking closely at both what and how our characters are up to in order to find out the why (motivations). This week, we continue to put the puzzle pieces together as we do some high-level synthesizing work. We will also be looking for any inconsistencies with how we expect our characters to act. Just like people, the characters in our books are complicated and complex, not just one way. As we track our characters, we are also looking at how our characters change and evolve. In a lot of our books, we can look at the secondary characters and determine the role they play in our main character's transition. Sometimes secondary characters help our main characters or sometimes they cause conflict for them. Either way, secondary characters have important roles and can have a major impact on the main characters. This goes along nicely with our current read aloud - Wonder. A great book for all ages! Ask your child about it!

Math Workshop

This week we spent time practicing the standard algorithm for multiplication of two and three digit whole numbers. This is a skill that students require practice in. Please support your child at home if they require extra support. Also, please ask them to seek help from their teacher if need be. We are always willing to help.

Next week we will begin Module 2 topic C: Decimal Multi-Digit Multiplication. Students will multiply decimal fractions with tenths by multi-digit whole numbers. Conversions and reasoning about answers will be a focus.

Social Studies

We are truly digging into the new Social Studies unit entitled, World Development: A Case Study of Spain as we seek to investigate the provocative essential questions: "How and why did the Spanish empire influence the world? How have past empires influenced the world today?" and the thought-provoking post-thought: Are all empires destined to fail?" 

The Age of Exploration was an interesting period in time when its events changed the world forever. The 3 G's (Gold, Glory & God), along with advancements in technology and a desire for new and affordable goods, motivated the Spanish to risk their lives and travel to unknown places in search of the "New World". The Columbian Exchange is one of the important events that happened as a result. Students are looking at both the positive and negative consequences of this event from two different perspectives- the Aztecs and the Spanish. 

Circle Solutions

This month we will work on having a growth mindset while highlighting students' strengths. 

We continue to work on building a strong sense of community within our classes. 

Your partners in education,
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Bonnie Greene
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Caitlin Johnson

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