Sunday, October 1, 2017

Week 8

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    Thank you to all the parents who joined us for the writing celebration. The students were proud of their pieces and excited to share. 

Reminders and Announcements!

After School Activities: Students, please remember to go directly to your ASA locations.

MAP results
Parents of Students in Grade 3 - 9
Individual student MAP reports will be distributed on Wednesday, October 4.  Please look for them on your child. 

On Wednesday, October 11, David Chadwell (Director of Teaching and Learning) will hold a session for parents with students in grades 3-9 to explain the reports, provide some overviews regarding MAP performance, and answer questions. This will take place in the Elementary School, 1st Floor Common Room - 1:15 -- 1:45 pm

Promoting Writing with your ChildChristy Curran, a literacy consultant with extensive experience as a classroom teacher and coach, is returning to CAC. She will be leading a Coaching Institute with CAC teachers and coaches from other international schools in the region, teaching model lessons in classrooms, and running workshops for teachers and parents. We hope you can join us Wednesday, 11 October, 2:00 to 3:00pm in the 1st Floor Common Room for a presentation on Promoting Writing With Your Child. We are excited to have her back! Christy has worked at the internationally renowned Teachers College Reading and Writing Project as a staff developer.

Challenge Series (CCS) - Grade 2 - 5 Students
This year, the ES is offering a new lunchtime sports program called the Cairo Challenge Series. The CCS is a series of 5 events throughout the year for Grade 2-5 students. The five events are: 40m sprint (October), Cross Country race (December), Badminton (grade 3-5 in January), Long Jump (March) and 25m swim (May). All events are designed to recognize participation as well as excellence.
The first event is the 40m sprint, occurring the week of October 8. The first and second rounds will be done by grade with top finishers in each heat progressing to subsequent rounds.
  • October 9 - Grade 2
  • October 10 - Grade 3
  • October 11 - Grade 4
  • October 12 - Grade 5
  • October 16 - Semi-finals for Grade 2-5
  • October 17 - Finals for Grade 2-5
We hope that we have 100% participation! No sign up is necessary, students should just come to the track and we will be marking who is there at this time. On the day of your child’s races, please pack a lunch for them as there will be limited time to get hot lunch on these days. There will be an area for students to eat when they are not racing.
We are very excited to get this program started. If you have any questions, there is additional information on our website or you can email Matt Lautenbach @

Core Value
The Core Value for October is Responsibility. Students will be talking about what responsibility looks like inside and outside of school. Activities and books will be used in class to support the Core Value.

Global Math Week
October 15-19 is Global Math Week. There will be a parent workshop on October 17 from 8:30-9:30 in the Elementary school 1st floor Common Room

ES Family Picnic
Join us on the lawn from 12:10-12:50 for a picnic lunch. Bring your healthy lunch and join your child.

Library Bags 
All ES students are expected to have a cloth library bag to carry their books to and from school. The school store sells bags that are sturdy and the right size, but children may use a cloth bag from home. All cloth bags must be clearly labeled with the students name. We recommend that each child in a family has his or her own library bag.

Library bags help students:
  • Develop independence, responsibility and organization
  • Help carry multiple library materials at the same time
  • Protect books from damage
  • Keep library materials in a single, recognizable place at school and at home

Please be sure to keep library bags well away from water bottles and swim bags. Wet books are considered damaged and must be replaced.

Curriculum Corner
Reading Workshop: 
This week in reading we will launch our new unit: Developing Understanding of Characters. We will have a book talk with Ms. Fitzgerald and start to check out books that we can use for this unit. We will start our new read aloud "Wonder" and be zooming in on who our characters are. Students are excited to start this book and really delve into the characters.

Writing Workshop:
Congratulations Writers! We concluded our Narrative unit today with a writing celebration and will move right into our new unit: Poetry. We will start by asking ourselves "How can I bring together language, message, technique and voice in poetry?" We are excited to begin this unit and look forward to the creativity and imagination students can bring with it.

Math Workshop:
We will conclude Module 1 on Monday with our end of module assessment. Students will begin Module 2 on Tuesday. We will be by looking at multiplying multi-digit whole numbers and using the distributive and associative properties.

Science Inquiry:

We are also wrapping up our science unit this week. We will look at our experiments involving variables and make conclusions. Science assessment will be on Wednesday.

Your partners in education,
LeeAnn Kasal
Bonnie Greene
Jonathan O'Sullivan
Caitlin Johnson

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