Sunday, September 24, 2017

Week 7

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    Happy New Year everyone! Welcome back from the long weekend. We hope everyone had a long weekend filled with fun and family times, and is now ready to set into this short but full week of learning. 


After School Activities: Students, please remember to go directly to your ASA locations.

Unity Day: Unity Day was a huge success. We would especially like to thank the parents that came for the morning session. We believe that it was a record turn out! We thought that the three focusses of Unity, Leadership, and Open Mindedness were very well received by the students and parents and we would hope that we will all be able to support the three main focusses of Unity Day at school and home.

Writers Celebration: Next week the grade 5 classes will all have an individual writer's celebration. Please look out for more specific information from your respective grade 5 teachers.

MAP results
Individual Student MAP Reports for Grade 3-9 are to be distributed soon.

Library Bags 
All ES students are expected to have a cloth library bag to carry their books to and from school. The school store sells bags that are sturdy and the right size, but children may use a cloth bag from home. All cloth bags must be clearly labeled with the students name. We recommend that each child in a family has his or her own library bag.

Library bags help students:

  • Develop independence, responsibility and organization
  • Help carry multiple library materials at the same time
  • Protect books from damage
  • Keep library materials in a single, recognizable place at school and at home
Please be sure to keep library bags well away from water bottles and swim bags. Wet books are considered damaged and must be replaced.

Curriculum Corner
Reading Workshop: 

It is exciting times in reading this week. The students are not only reading with more determination and purpose, they are talking about their books to their peers and reading buddies. However, we are coming to the end of our Reading with Agency unit and transitioning into our new unit called, "Reading Like a Fan". Now that the grade five Readers are all reading with determination and consistency and pleasure we are moving on to our new unit which studies authors and the characters that they have created. The teachers can't wait to start teaching this unit!

Writing Workshop:

Now is the time for the hard work to be done by our grade 5 Writers. It is time for the revising, editing and publishing of our small moment stories. This is sometimes the hardest part of the writing process, what to add and what to take away. Every story is a writer's baby and it is hard to change what is already on the page. However, the writers in grade 5 are experts and they will do a fantastic job in this.

Math Workshop:

Module one is almost finished. The students have been doing a fantastic job. It is not an easy unit but the students are defiantly showing the foundations needed for this unit.
For any concept introduced for the first time in Eureka the students are not expected to gain mastery in that one lesson. Eureka is expertly designed for students to gain mastery over time and frequency. This means that it is a circular program and all the concepts and strategies are revisited, used, and built on throughout grade 5.

Science Inquiry:

Science has started to Ramp Up! The classes are conducting the final experiments using the ramps.
As a reminder to all after the long weekend, the two essential questions of this variables unit are:

1. How do good scientists conduct experiments?
2. How does changing parts of an experiment affect the outcome?

Investigations using the ramps have allowed students the chance to put into practice both the steps of the scientific method and investigating the outcome of changing variables. We are building to the conclusion of this unit over the next two weeks, and students will be asked to work both alone and in partners to show (without guidance) their understanding of these two essential questions through a series of open-ended activities. Precise, neat and accurate work will ensure the best results.

Your partners in education,
LeeAnn Kasal
Bonnie Greene
Jonathan O'Sullivan
Caitlin Johnson

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