Sunday, November 26, 2017

Week 16

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We had a wonderful Kids Day last Wednesday. Thank you to those who helped make the day successful and a a fun filled day for us all. 

Look at what's new and important in Grade 5 this week!

Sunday, Nov. 26 - Thursday Schedule 
Monday, Nov. 27 - Parent Teacher Conferences, holiday for students
Tuesday, Nov 28- Conferences continued, after school
Tuesday, Dec. 5 - 5G assembly. Save the date!
Field Trip coming up! Information will be sent home through your homeroom teacher

Curriculum Corner
Reading Workshop & Writing Workshop:
We are continuing important work in our nonfiction unit for reading and writing. It is important for parents to realize that teachers have now asked their students always to be reading a non-fiction informational book as they do their daily home and school reading, in order to be able to practice the skills and strategies learned within the classroom. In order to maintain previous volume of reading, children may also have a fiction book to continue once they have read their daily non-fiction and made their jot notes. The unit's Guiding Question is: "How can I read and write in a way that allows me to dig deeper in understanding a topic for myself and an audience? As an overview to how this unit will unfold over the next month, we will be looking at the following understandings:
  • Jotting within Information Reading
  • Reading for a Wide View of a Topic
  • How to Navigate an Expository Text
This week we will look at summarizing and synthesizing to get the gist of our reading. In writing we will be narrowing down our topic and developing questions to ask as we research our topic. 

Math Workshop:
Sunday we will have our Module 3 Mid-module assessment. We will then continue the week with lessons 8 & 9. In lesson 8 we will be using number lines to add and subtract fractions from whole numbers. In lesson 9 we will be finding common denominators to add fractions.

This week we will look at behavioral and structural adaptations in plants and animals. It is a short week for science.

In circles we continue to grow as a community and individuals. Classes are looking at growth mindset through a variety of activities.

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Have a great week everyone!

LeeAnn Kasal
Bonnie Greene
Jonathan O'Sullivan

Caitlin Johnson

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