Monday, February 26, 2018

Week 26

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...

Welcome to Trimester

  • Creativity Celebration: The students of the elementary school were fortunate to be able to explore their creative side with our creativity celebration. The good folks from Lego brought along all kinds of Legos for the students to explore and extend their imaginations. 

  • ES Talent Show dates will be May 3rd from 5-8 in the theater. Auditions will take place the week of March 18th during lunch times.

  • Shelter Drill: We will have a shelter drill on March 12th. More information will be shared as the date approaches.

  • ASA girls basketball will take place trimester three with Ms. Greene. She would like as many grade 5 girls as possible to come along to try out basketball. It doesn't matter if your child have never played, getting them exposed to such a fun sport will prepare them for Middle School. Ms. Greene also coaches the Middle School team and will be recruiting girls next come out and give it a try.
  • Girls Get Strong will host its third health and fitness conference on Saturday, March 17th.  This year we are excited to have other schools in Cairo and our region joining us!  This year’s theme is Girls In Action and it is without a doubt we have assembled a wide variety of experts to help our young women put skills needed to lead a healthy lifestyle "In Action".
Details of the event are as followed:
Date: March 17, 2018
Time: 8:30-3:00
Location: Cairo American College
Grade Level: 5th-12th Grade
Registration Deadline: March 8, 2018

More information about the conference can be found here:

Curriculum Corner

Reading Workshop & Writing Workshop: Our Grade 5 world is full of fantasy, fantasy, fantasy as we come into the "homestretch" of the integrated Writing and Reading Workshop units! Through both our class Read Aloud book of "The Thief of Always" and the students' Book Club books, Fifth Graders have been deepening their awareness and analysis of fantasy elements. They will be thinking and writing this week about the use of symbolism in their books, as well as identifying the "big ideas" (theme) and life lessons of the protagonists. Students will be reading with critical eyes this week on the lookout for stereotypes of characters, such as the villain, the hero, the loyal sidekick, the outcast, the mentor, the evil figure with ultimately the good heart etc.
Fifth Graders have been applying all their fantasy knowledge to create an exciting picture book. This project is heading towards its conclusion as students work to wrap up their draft, which includes fantastical elements such as the quest, elements of magic, obstacles along the way, an antagonist and even life lessons taught to our readers! Students should be sure to check the fantasy rubric as they continue working this week, to revise and edit their work. For example, they need to have dialogue correctly punctuated, transition words included to show passages of time and examples of where they both slowed down the heart of the story using description and shortened less important parts by using time passage phrases such as "the next day... meanwhile...earlier that day.. etc.

Math Workshop:  Grade 5 mathematicians are moving past multiplying unit fractions to multiplying any fractions. The students are familiar with using models when multiplying fractions and are now solving expressions. This week will see the students move into the new topic of "Multiplication with Fractions and Decimals as Scaling and Word Problems" as well as dealing with solving single and multi-step word problems. 

Science:  This week the students will be experimenting with stream tables in the lab to explore the process of water erosion. Later they will review their data that they collected in their practical experiments. We will also be studying the Grand Canyon and seeing if we can apply any lessons we learnt during our experiments to the Grand Canyon and if they give us any clues as to how it was formed. Ms. Hebba is also researching and has located some videos of the Grand Canyon for the students to try on and experience the 3D Google virtual reality experience. They will really enjoy this and we're sure they'll want to tell you all about it.

Your partners in education,

LeeAnn Kasal
Caitlin Johnson
Bonnie Greene
Jonathan O'Sullivan

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