Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sunday, March 11, 2018

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...

 We hope everyone had a nice long weekend. Thank you to parents who came out last Wednesday and helped the students celebrate their writing. They worked hard on their pieces and were proud to share. Please see THIS LINK for photos.


  • Shelter Drill: We will be having a drill on March 12 to practice shelter procedures. Teachers will discuss this as “shelter practice” with students in age-appropriate ways, but you may also want to also talk to your child about the subject. Last year, we shared this article with helpful suggestions for talking to children about safety procedures and practices. One of the things addressed is the impact of the terminology we use. Staff members will be going over this in advance, as we work together to ensure that students feel safe, protected, and aware of what to do in different situations. Here is a link to an article outlining the sort of language that we can use with our children Talking to Kids about School Lockdown Drills The drill will be held at 12:00 pm, so if you are on campus, we ask that you follow instructions when asked to go to a safe place. Everyone who is outside will be moved to the ES Hall.

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences: Will be on the afternoon of the 13th and the day of the 14th of March. Please book your time through Skyward. If you are having difficulty booking a time using Skyward, please refer to the email sent out to parents.

  • March 13 ES Fundraising House Event: There will be a Walk-a-thon starting at 7:55. Fell free to send a donation in a sealed envelope with your child. Come and join us for a walk!
  • Mathematics End of Module Assessment: The end of module assessment will be on the 12th of March
  • March 15 Movie Night: On March 15 student council will be hosting a fundraising movie night. Permission forms went home last week. Please send back to school early this week.
  • Our grades 3, 4, and 5 students learn touch typing in their classes to prepare for the work they do on computers in upper elementary and in middle school. The program we use is called ‘Typing Club’ and is an online program from Google. Link here.Students can access the program from home.
  • Guidance Update – Upcoming Puberty Talks

    Dear Grade 5 Families,

    As part of the health and social education your child receives, we will be providing puberty classes for all 4th and 5th grade students this month.  This program revolves around the belief that if children are better informed they will be more comfortable with the changes  they are going through and more willing to seek support from their parents and other trusted adults.  

    The dates for the Grade 5 puberty lessons are Sunday, March 18th  and Sunday, March 22nd.

    Please click on this Puberty - Letter for Parents link for important information regarding the topics that will be addressed and the video that will be showed.

    All the best,

    Carey Harris

  • Grade 5 Guidance Update - Responding to Cyber Bullying

    There are many ways to socialize with friends, such as talking to them in person or using technology to send emails or texts. Using technology to communicate can be really fun and useful, but technology can also be used to hurt or cyber bully other people. Cyber bullying is using electronic technology to purposefully hurt someone else. It is immediate, long lasting and can spread further and faster than people are usually aware. Students will learn that everything they say or do online can be tracked, nothing electronic is private and there is a lasting digital footprint.

    Students will:
    ·       Discuss the importance of keeping their personal information (Y.A.P.P.Y your name, address, phone number, passwords or your plans) safe:

    ·       Review the 3 steps for handling hurtful messages:
    1. Do not respond
    2. Save it
    3. Tell an Adult;

    ·       Demonstrate ways to support and/or stand up for someone being hurt online (such as reporting to an adult or leaving a chat group).
Repeated Announcements:
  • ES Talent Show dates will be May 3rd from 5-8 in the theater. Auditions will take place the week of March 18th during lunch times.
  • ASA girls basketball will take place trimester three with Ms. Greene. She would like as many grade 5 girls as possible to come along to try out basketball. It doesn't matter if your child have never played, getting them exposed to such a fun sport will prepare them for Middle School. Ms. Greene also coaches the Middle School team and will be recruiting girls next come out and give it a try.
  • Girls Get Strong will host its third health and fitness conference on Saturday, March 17th.  This year we are excited to have other schools in Cairo and our region joining us!  This year’s theme is Girls In Action and it is without a doubt we have assembled a wide variety of experts to help our young women put skills needed to lead a healthy lifestyle "In Action".
  • The 2nd Annual Egyptian Schools Championship
          in the Montaza Gardens - Alexandria, Friday 23rd of March
     Calling all students, parents, teachers & staff
    Please register in this link 
    ES: Ereeny ( / 
                  MS & HS: Derek  (      

  • Curriculum Corner

  • Reading Workshop & Writing Workshop: After a successful Fantasy unit, we are jumping right into our next Unit..Argument and Advocacy and Research Based Writing. This week we will be launching the units and looking at our essential questions. "How can I read with a critical eye considering perspectives and craft and evaluating arguments?" "How can I construct a sound argument that demands logical thought and creative presentation of ideas?" In reading, students will be taking a look at a wide variety of articles to determine argument level and viewpoints. In writing we will be looking at ways to collect evidence and organizing our thoughts before jumping right into a flash draft.

    Math Workshop: This week in math students will be reviewing M4 and taking the end of Module Assessment on Sunday March 12. We will end the week with M5 pre-assessment.

    Science: This is a short week in science due to field trips and conferences. Students will be finishing their lab work for their erosion experiment and recording their results in their blog. 
    Circles: This month's CAC Core Value is 'Perseverance', so in circles this week the students will be focusing on discovering what it means to persevere in the many things we do in our lives. 

Your partners in education,

    LeeAnn Kasal
    Caitlin Johnson
    Bonnie Greene
    Jonathan O'Sullivan

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