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Week 33


WEEK OF April 22nd - April 26th

Welcome to week 33 of learning, exploring & having fun!!!

Students, teachers and parents alike, enjoyed celebrating our host country, Egypt on Thursday! We sang, danced, ate, and celebrated different aspects of Egyptian culture. Thanks to parents who volunteered and who were able to come and join in the fun!!

The upcoming weeks are very busy with final assessments, special activities, transition events and important dates. Please keep checking the blog to stay informed :) 

Here are a few reminders about upcoming events: 
  • MAP Testing: Grade 5 MAP test dates have been confirmed.  *Monday, May 7-Language Usage *Wednesday, May 9-Math  *Thursday May 10-Reading -To support your child, you can encourage them to get a good night sleep and to eat a healthy breakfast. 
  • Sinai Liberation Day: No school on Wednesday April 25th
  • MS Transition Event on Thursday, May 10th: Students will meet MS Core subject teachers, have an opportunity to see some of those classes and will have lunch at the MS. Students are asked to bring money to buy lunch if they want to try out the MS vendors or they can bring their lunch. 
  • ES Talent Show: April 30th from 5:30-7:30 in the Main Theater.  More details below. 
  • Race to Clean Air: Sunday, April 22nd from 3:30-4:30/6:00. ASA's will still take place on Sunday. Students can decide to attend either event. 
  • Swimathon: Thursday, April 26th. 
  • Music Concert: May 15th at 8:30am & 5:30 in the main theater. Parents welcome!!!
  • New online lunch system: Will be tested with Grade 5 the week beginning April 29th
  • PE: Swimming unit beginning- see details below

Curriculum Corner

Reading & Writing Integrated Unit
This is our last week for argumentative writing and authors are putting the final touches on their essays before publishing. These touches include learning about what makes a quotation powerful and phrases to use that really set up the quotation nicely. Some tips that we will be sharing with our young authors include:
-Choose quotations that are surprising, even shocking!
-Choose quotations that are life lessons
-Choose quotations when the words seem to say exactly what you are thinking
-Explain what is important about the quotation
-Explain what is important about who you are quoting

We will also work on writing our counterargument this week. Including a counterargument shows the reader that you have considered the opposing view and to convince readers that the opposing view is wrong. 

Students continue to read articles around their hot topic in class and to hold mini debates, discussions and write about their new learning and thinking around the issues. To ensure that the volume of reading does not slip, students are encouraged to read books at home in a genre that they enjoy (fantasy, fiction, non-fiction). Students should always be jotting!!!

Our next reading/writing unit is a journalism unit. The essential questions driving the unit are: 
What does it mean to be a journalist?
What does a news story look like?
How do I revise and edit my writing so that it brings out what is most important for my reader?

Next week, students will write three writing assessments in narrative, informational and persuasive. Students are permitted to research and prepare 1 page of notes for both the information and the persuasive writing assessment.

Students will be given back their assessments this week and are asked to have them signed and returned as soon as possible. As always, teachers will go over the assessments in class and students will reflect on their work, looking for things that they are able to do, as well as areas to work on next. 
This week, we are finishing a math project where students are building a structure composed of 5-7 rectangular prisms within several given criteria. Students will spend a class evaluating each others' projects. 
In our next topic, students extend their understanding of area as they use rulers and right angle templates to construct and measure rectangles with fractional side lengths and find their areas.  They apply their extensive knowledge of fraction multiplication to interpret areas of rectangles with fractional side lengths and solve real world problems involving these figures, including reasoning about scaling through contexts in which areas are compared.  Visual models and equations are used to represent the problems through the Read-Draw-Write (RDW) protocol.
Parent Tips: Module 5 Topic C

Social Studies
This week students will decide which of the 8 themes they will 'stick with' in order to conduct a personal interest research inquiry. Last week, they explored these themes on our lib-guide and were able to get an overview of how these different areas are being affected and changed by the advancement of science and technology. Throughout this unit, Ms. Hebba, our technology integrator, will be spending time in classes offering lessons on different technology platforms, giving students various avenues to express and display their questions, ideas, research and learning. 

Other Important Messages & Information

* Important message to ES parents from the office concerning dismissal: 
We had two students who left campus without parental permission with a nanny. We have taken steps to ensure this does not happen again and ask for your cooperation in following our handbook guidelines for all Elementary students PreK to Grade 5. Our handbook states, that any change in the usual pattern of dismissal for your child at the end of the school day should be verified by a note or email from the parent or guardian to the classroom teacher. We have added that we need to receive this information before 12 p.m. which will give us the time to make sure all necessary personnel is informed before 2:30 p.m. each day. We appreciate CAC’s security as they have increased vigilance in making sure our students go home safely and with the person/s permitted. Ms. Samah will continue to be at the dismissal gate from 3:00 and Ms. Nadia from 4:00 for our after school activity dismissal time.
How to give permission?
Write to the classroom teacher informing the dismissal plan change.
Name the person you are giving permission to and the date/s.
In the case of a change in driver or nanny, full names and photos are needed.
What will happen if no permission has been given?
If we do not have a written record of a change in dismissal, security will not let the student leave campus. The student will be sent to the office. To avoid disappointment, please make sure to arrange the change in dismissal plans ahead of time.
Our student's safety is a school/home priority and we thank you for your understanding, support and welcome your feedback.

*Talent Show Updates:
Our ES Talent Show date has been moved to April 30th. We are supporting our wonderful PTO with this change of date. Thank you all for your flexibility.

Please find below important dates and information regarding this year’s ES Talent Show:

Sunday, April 29th is the mandatory rehearsal in the CAC Theatre from 3:15 - 5:15. All students must have a way to go home; the late bus service is not available. Students will be dismissed from the CAC Theatre at 5:15.

All Choir students will attend the Choir rehearsal on Sunday, April 29th, then come directly to the CAC Theatre for the remainder of the rehearsal.

The Talent Show will be for ALL ACTS beginning at 5:30 - 7:30 on April 30th.  ALL ACTS must come to the Theatre at 5pm, performance ready.

ES Talent Show
April 30th, 2018

Tickets - 30LE per seat

Performances: 5:30-6:15
Intermission: 6:15-6:30
Performances: 6:30-7:15
Show ends 7:30pm.

Thank you for your continued support. Please contact Ms. Dolly for any further clarifications or questions.

End of year dates for students from the library:

May 8-10 Used book sale
May 15 Last day for check out
May 22 Last day for classes; All books are due
May 29 Summer check out starts
Used Book Sale, May 8 to 10

We are getting ready for our annual used book sale, this year from May 8 to 10. We welcome donations of used books for all ages in salable condition. This is a good time for departing families to dispose of books before packing. We will soon have a donation box at the front gate.

Gr. 5 Guidance Update: Managing Strong Emotions

In the current guidance unit, Managing Strong Emotions, students are taught proactive strategies to help prevent strong feelings from turning into negative behaviors. Students will learn to:

  1. Recognize how strong feelings affect their brains and bodies by:
  • Focusing attention on their bodies for clues about how their feeling
  • Understanding that when they feel strong feelings, the feeling part of their brain, the amygdala, reacts, making it hard to think clearly.
  • Recognizing that thinking about their feelings helps the thinking part of their brain, the cortex, get back in control.

2. Manage strong feelings by using the following Calming-Down Steps:
1. Stop – use your signal
2. Name your feeling
3. Calm down (breathe, count, use positive self-talk or stress balls, etc.)

Home-School Connection:

  • Ask your child about his or her personal stop signal and how he or she plans to use it in order to STOP negative thoughts and calm down emotions in the amygdala. ☺
On Sunday, April 29th/18 students in KG - Grade 5 will begin swimming in PE in their 1 hour lesson, each week, for the remainder of the school year. Could you please ensure that your child is fully prepared for swimming by making sure that they come to school with the following:

PE uniform - Swimming
For swimming each child should have, in a separate swim bag:
  • An appropriate swimsuit
  • OWN pair of properly fitted goggled (not shared with siblings)
  • Suitably sized towel
  • Long hair tied back off the face or a swim cap (girls and boys)
  • No jewelry, including rubber and string bands and watches
  • Easy to take on and off clothes and shoes (crocs are ideal)

As a reminder each classes swimming days are:
Sunday - 5J, 3H, 1C and 2R
Monday - 5G, 3C, 1S and 4D
Tuesday - KGC, KGB and 4M
Wednesday - 3W, 5K, 2K and 4F
Thursday - 1M, 5O, KGS, 3D and 2S

Students will need to wear their full PE uniform in all 30 minute classes for the remainder of the year, including shorts, t-shirt, and sneakers.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your support,

Mr. Phil Greene -
Mr. Mark Mayfield -

Your partners in education,

LeeAnn Kasal

Caitlin Johnson

Bonnie Greene

Jonathan O'Sullivan

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