Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Week 31

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...

Welcome to week 31, short, but learning filled!
The Library Book Parade was a great way to start the day. The students looked great and it was a credit to them and their creativity.
It is great to see all the students coming back from the break refreshed, relaxed, recharged, and ready to learn!


Egypt Festival!!!
Mark your calendar for our annual Egypt Festival on Thursday, April 19. We will celebrate our host country, Egypt through music, dancing, food and grade level activities connected to themes. To add to the spirit of the day we invite you to wear a galabeya or perhaps clothes that reflect Egypt.
Come sample a variety of Egyptian dishes. Freshly baked baladi bread (from our very own mud brick oven) will be on sale for ES students during their recess and for MS & HS. Our Egyptian Food Festival is free for all elementary students, parents, teachers, and staff. Students will have an activity related to their Egyptian Culture curriculum. Looking forward to a great cultural experience.
We need your help!
Parents are an important part of our Egypt Festival. We would love your help if you're available at either lunchtime or the bread selling booth. Please sign up to help us if you can.

The Arabic and Egyptian Culture Department

Curriculum Corner

Reading & Writing Integrated Unit

During writer's workshop this week our writers will be introduced to the idea of a counterargument. They will learn to present the opposing point of view and tell why they believe it is wrong. Students will use a counterclaim, provide evidence, and also discredit the the claim. This work is what separates the grade 4 persuasive writing from the grade 5 argumentative essays.

Also this week the students will continue researching the topic they've previously chosen. Mrs. Fitzgerald will be leading a session on how to use the EBSCO primary database when research the topics. 

    • This is one of our subscription databases. It searches for keywords in children's magazines. 
    • Students are encouraged to use subscription databases because they are reliable sources of information. 
    • Primary Search database allows students to filter results by time, subject, publication, geography and other limiters.
    • It also provides a citation for the article in question. This citation can be copied directly onto a bibliography.


      This week students will continue their work with three-dimensional shapes. The students will develop their understanding of 'packing' with volume by thinking about 'filling'. This new concept helps students understand how liquid also fills volume. The students will also find the total volume of solid figures composed of two non-overlapping rectangular prisms, and solve word problems involving the volume of rectangular prisms with whole number edge lengths. 

New vocabulary includes: 
Base: one face of a three dimensional 
Solid—often thought of as the surface upon which the solid rests 
Bisect: divide into two equal parts 
Cubic units: cubes of the same size used for measuring 
Height: adjacent layers of the base that form a rectangular prism 
Hierarchy: series of ordered groupings of shapes 
Unit cube: cube whose sides all measure 1 unit 
Volume of a solid: measurement of space or capacity

Social Studies
This week we launch a new social studies unit. The new unit is called World Development, and it focuses on how the world has developed through science and technology. This week the students will be introduced to the new unit and they will familiarize themselves with the key terms and essential questions. 

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