Sunday, May 13, 2018

Sunday, May 13

Week 36

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...  

Congratulations to all students who completed the MAP testing. Make up's with be this week. 
We look forward to another week of learning ahead.


-Party RSVP: Final arrangements are being made for the Gr5 party. Please make sure you RSVP and pick your lunch option in the next day or so. 

- Grade 4 and 5 Music Concert: The Grade 4 and 5 Music Concert will be this week. The performances will be on Tuesday, 8:35 am and 5:20. You are all most welcome to attend at the time that suits you best.

-5J assembly, Tuesday May 15, parents welcome

- A reminder that STUDENT LED CONFERENCES will be on the May 21st. Please schedule a time on skyward.
Also, students brought home an orange sheet with questions about SLC for you to answer. Please fill that out and turn in this week. These questions will help students with part of the conference preparation.

Emergency Drills - Hardened Shelter Drill

Throughout the year, we do talk to students about what to do in case of fire, or intruder, with the subject matter and terminology adjusted for the grade level. The safety and security of our students is our highest priority, and through preparations in advance, we can ensure that students and staff know what to do in the case of an emergency. Today we had our first hardened shelter drill Sunday 13, 11am.

Skyward online payment for food services open

Elementary Parents,
We are pleased to announce our Skyward online hot lunch payment system will be open for Kindergarten-Grade 5 students from Sunday, May 13. Parents can pay into your family account for the hot lunch commencing via the CAC cashier’s office in our welcome center. For this week only (May 13 - May 17), the cashier's hours will be before 10:00 am and after 2:00 pm. Minimum payment of 500 LE per student is required.

This new system will give parents and students a more convenient way for their elementary child’s hot lunch. Making payment is straightforward and offers you the freedom to pay CAC’s cashier in our welcome centre whenever you are on campus or send the money via your child and the class/grade aide will pay on your behalf and send the receipt to you. Your Skyward secure online food service tab is part of your Skyward account and the link can be found on your parent dashboard. This system will support if you have more than one child in our division as each child has a personalized bracelet which will register who, when and cost of each hot lunch purchased.

Parents can view this on their Skyward account. Please see this link for a quick tutorial.

If a student orders hot lunch and the family account does not have funds, the meal will be given to the student and the parent will receive an automated email informing them. Also, when the amount drops to 300 LE the email will request the replenishment of the student’s account balance. At the end of the year, if the family account is overdrawn and you have a debit balance, the report card will be held until cleared. If there is a surplus it will be rolled over the following year for returning students, grade five and departing students will be notified by elementary school office and the refund can be collected from the cashier’s office.

From the student side their class/grade aide will hand out the bracelets to students having hot lunch and collect them after lunch. The food vendor will scan the bracelet and return to the student.

38 LE meal card & 45 LE Combo meal/ juice cards are acceptable in lieu of cash for your child’s meal until May 31 which is our last day for hot lunches. Please hand them to the cashier and receive a payment receipt.

Who do I see if I have a problem?

If you have feedback, questions regarding the Skyward online payment system please contact our technology office, Mr. Fadi Duweni, email:, Ph: 2755-5495

If you have feedback, questions regarding the payment please contact CAC’s cashier Reda Ibrahim,
email:, Ph: 2755-551

If you have feedback, questions regarding the use of the bracelet or general please contact Mrs. Jackson-Jin,   email:, elementary office: 2755-5222

Parent questions so far? 

What if my child uses their bracelet to buy a friend’s lunch? Your child will only be permitted to scan for their own lunch and the bracelet.

What if I don’t want my child to buy juice with lunch? We can add it as an alert for the vendor on the system, but please understand that it comes by practice and vendor may miss this sometimes initially.

I would like to thank our lunch committee chair, Sandrine Kachour and development chair Jackie Goodall Riley, for their support in trialling the system and giving us feedback. As we know with any new systems their may be glitches, so we would appreciate your feedback.

Best regards,
Julie Jackson-Jin
Elementary Principal

ES Yearbook 2017-2018 Pre-Sale
To our cashier, Mr. Reda in the Welcome Center. 
May 13th till May 31st for L.E. 580 ($33)
After May 31st, price increases to L.E. 650 ($37)
Please note that for this week only (May 13 - May 17), the cashier will only be available before 10:00 am and after 2:00 pm. 

21st Century Libraries for Parents: CAC Overdrive and ebook collections

Join us on May 23 at the MHS to access the CAC ebook collections. We have lots of options, and of all of them, Overdrive is our prize collection. Overdrive is an app that allows you to read ebooks and listen to audiobooks offline, and choose from hundreds of titles in our digital collection.

We will offer this session twice, at 8:15 am and at 2 pm. Both times will be at the MHS library.

Please download the Overdrive app before the workshop. It is available for free at all the app stores.
You will need your CAC single sign on to access the CAC digital collection.

End of year dates for the ES library
May 15 Last day for check out
May 22 Last day for classes; All books are due
May 23 Overdrive and ebooks training - 8:15 am and 2 pm
May 29 Summer check out starts



This week in our journalism unit students will be writing in depth descriptions of a single event. they will look at how to use short sentences to create drama, hooking their audience with a lead and how to prepare their work for publishing.

Students should continue reading a variety of current events - news articles - we have great sites available to us on the library tab that are aimed at elementary students.


This week we look closely at different geometrical figures and their Attributes. We will define trapezoids, parallelograms, rectangles, rhombuses, kites and squares based on these attributes.


This week in social studies, as students start to put together their research, they will look at synthesizing and evaluating their research. Students are using a variety of technology to explore and present their topic.


This week in circles some class are talking about differences while in other classes the students are planning their own circle for the class. 

Your partners in education,

LeeAnn Kasal
Caitlin Johnson
Bonnie Greene
Jonathan O'Sullivan

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