Sunday, May 6, 2018

Week 35

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...  

 This week is a busy, yet exciting week for us in grade 5. In fact, it is an exciting upcoming few weeks for everyone in grade 5. Today we had our final Egyptian Culture field trip. hat a wonderful experience to learn about olden day Cairo. 

This week the students will sit the grade five MAP assessments. This will be the perfect time for the students to show their growth over the year. 


- Grade 4 and 5 Music Concert: The Grade 4 and 5 Music Concert will be next week. The performances will be on Tuesday, 8:35 am and 5:20. You are all most welcome to attend at the time that suits you best.

- From the Library:

End of year dates for students from the library
May 8-10 Used book sale, starting at 2 pm on May 8
May 15 Last day for check out
May 22 Last day for classes; All books are due
May 29 Summer check out starts
Used Book Sale, May 8 to 10
We are getting ready for our annual used book sale, this year from May 8 to 10. We welcome donations of used books for all ages in saleable condition. This is a good time for departing families to dispose of books before packing. There is a donation box at the front gate. We’ll accept books until May 7. Clean out your bookcases to refresh your home book collections!

- A reminder that STUDENT LED CONFERENCES will be on the May 21st

- MS Transition Event on Thursday, May 10th: Students will meet MS Core subject teachers, have an opportunity to see some of those classes and will have lunch at the MS. Students are asked to bring money to buy lunch (50-75LE) if they want to try out the MS vendors or they can bring their lunch.


There are a few interruptions to regular class time over the next two weeks with MAP testing, on demands, a field trip, and practices for upcoming concerts and events. The good news for us is that gives our young journalists lots of things to report on and write about! Our classrooms will be transformed into newsrooms and students will be busy reporting on stories and creating a mini newspaper. We have press passes for journalists who need to follow up on stories as well as access to survey software where they can gather the opinions of the masses!
Students will also be reading a variety of current event news articles-- we have great sites available to us on the library tab that are aimed at elementary students.

This week, The students will sit their end of module assessment. After the assessment the learning does not stop however. The students extend their understanding of area as they use rulers and right angle templates to construct and measure rectangles with fractional side lengths and find their areas. They apply their extensive knowledge of fraction multiplication to interpret areas of rectangles and solve real world problems involving these figures. Visual models and equations are used to represent the problems through the read-draw-write strategy. 


Students will continue to use their blogs to record their learning in this unit. The students have narrowed their research focus to a single topic, or, issue. They will then think about the pros and cons of their technology issue.
 It is a great time to share with your children 'stories from the olden days' to help them understand the impact of technology in such a short time!! :) 

Your partners in education,

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Caitlin Johnson

Bonnie Greene

Jonathan O'Sullivan

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