Sunday, May 27, 2018

Week 37

TWiG5: This Week in Grade 5...

May 27 - 31


It is with bittersweet emotions that we are nearing the end of fifth grade and elementary school and moving closer to middle school....Time certainly has flown by this year! Now, with the end of the school year coming closer there are a lot of reminders and dates to observe.

Last week we were fortunate to have an interactive talk by Mr. Sam Werberg. Mr. Werberg spoke about journalism and where he fits into it in his role as a press secretary for the US Embassy.

The students learn where news comes from, how different perspectives can change a story, how there are many stories within any one event, and that a great journalist chases tomorrow's story from today’s event. Thank you Mr. Werberg!

We also visited Mr. Johnson's MS Drama class for some improve comedy. The students laughed and enjoyed the drama games and were inspired for next year. Thanks for the invite Mr. Johnson!


The Big Splash - will take place on Tuesday, May 29th. If your child is participating please ensure they bring their swim clothes!

ES Yearbook 2017-2018 Pre-Sales: To our cashier, Mr. Reda in the Welcome Center.
May 13th till May 31st for L.E. 580 ($33)
After May 31st, price increases to L.E. 650 ($37)
Please note that for this week only (May 13 - May 17), the cashier will only be available before 10:00 am and after 2:00 pm.

Moving On Ceremony: June 3 - Starting with an ES assembly at 7:55 in the ES Hall. Then, the Grade fives continue on to the Marriott for a fun, year-ending celebration.

Drama Class Performance
Grade 5 classes have been hard at work, writing their own scripts. They would like to invite you to their final class performances. Please note, Drama class performances are not a typical performance, as it is a part of their classwork. They are very proud of their work, as are the teachers. Please find the schedule below:

5K - 8:15 - 9 on May 27th
5O - 8:15 - 9 on May 28th
5J - 10 - 10:40 on May 30th
5G - 10 - 10:40 on May 31st

Important Dates
May 29 Summer Library check out starts

June 5 - End of Year Assembly (10:30 am - 11:30 am, ES Hall). Parents welcome.

June 5 - Trimester 3 Report Cards issued


This week, the Grade 5 classes will spend some time practicing for our Moving On Ceremony. We will also take time to help the Grade 4 classes by meeting with them to answer what questions they might have about Grade 5. Students will be selected from our classes to sit on a panel to respond to the 4th Graders.

This week, students will continue to work on creating their newspapers as they report on local, national, and international news stories.

In math, students will be completing various activities that include working on mathletics, and work with coordinate graphs.

In Social Studies, we will spend time reading and researching on our chosen topics to look at how technology is impacting our lives today and in the future. Students continue to work on their infographic using Piktochart.

During Circle Solutions this week we will be holding some fun, farewell circles and allowing students to share their emotions about moving and saying goodbye. Expressing their feelings at this time is important, as the students are experiencing very mixed emotions now....exciting events approaching while having to say farewell to members of their class. Circles are a great way to help students handle these feelings by allowing time and a safe space to voice them. We hope they continue the dialogue at home. Please encourage discussions during this emotional time.

Your partners in education,

LeeAnn Kasal
Bonnie Greene
Jonathan O'Sullivan
Caitlin Johnson

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